Monday, February 28, 2011

week 5

My original intent was to have the whole thing cut paper, and then when I added the paint to the skin to just get an idea value-wise of what I was going for I think I may leave the skin as the soft smooth paint texture. I'm not sure.

I'm leaving on a week long road trip with my mother tomorrow, going up to my cousin's wedding in Portland Maine, via NYC. We are going to stop into MoMA to see AbEx. This will be my second time viewing the show, but I could live in there, so I'm totally excited again! So what I'm going to take to work on is a bunch of thumbnails of this composition and markers and magazines and I'm going to finish cutting out the hues and and map out the color fields. I'm not sure if I want the straight hair lady to have blue hair with a black background or vice versa and depending on that i don't know what color the orange lady's clothes will be. So I'm going to figure it all out this week, including addressing in writing why and how this is satiating some of my stuff and what doors it's opening.  And then I'll finish it up the following week.

I absolutely love how the orange hair turned out. I tried to pay attention to the nuances of the value and temperature to create volume. I'm still going to glaze over this and obscure some of it. That's part of why I don't really want to the skin to have the same sort of texture. but it seems like if the hair and clothes have similar textures, those elements are part of the fashion industry, so the background should be different. I'm not sure what though, maybe one large piece of paper? I'm  not sure. still schemin'. Any suggestions?

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