Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Topic: general proposal

Advanced Students must submit a general proposal for the work they want to complete during the semester, including the techniques you hope to use, the scope and type of projects you hope to complete and the ideas that you will be exploring.

 I am going to focus on fashion heads. I'm going to stick with the curriculum schedule and do 5-10 6"x6" tests per week (maybe more depending on what it is I'm doing) Then for the projects I'll do bigger ones and apply things I learned from the tests. I'm going to use fashion mags as models to start, but if I get the urge to try to do likenesses of people I know, I'll do that when it feels right, but for now, it's not about that. I probably won't go HUGE because I'm working huge for Tom and my little house can only accommodate so many huge wet paintings at a time. But If they NEED to be bigger, well I'll figure it out when the time comes! I don't want to have too much of a plan. I'll be planning myself sick in search for who I truly want to project to world for the fashion design class (11"x14") and I'll be lost in an existentially questionable sea of massive abstraction for Tom so this will be a nice crossover place where everything just naturally converges and flows out. (hopefully, and in theory)

I really enjoyed making and still enjoy looking at these, so I think of them as a starting sort of blueprint for content (not these in particular, necessarily, but similar). I have millions of ideas about how to execute so I'm going to non-methodically go through them all, something like my ceramic surface tests where I just did stuff, took notes, and tried every combo in different orders of layers. As I said I will not be doing encaustics, but I will probably do everything else I can possibly think of and use every type of media I have (which is pretty much everything at this point).


These are intriguing, and altogether they have that sense of repetition and play that I remember from your work in the last class.
While I want to give you plenty of room to play in this class, I would like to see you begin to narrow in on a project as you go. Perhaps these, as a group, can provide an overarching structure.
Play - but play seriously and aiming for resolution.

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