Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I think I'm going to go with this composition(ish), but change the color palette entirely.

I want to do and orange fro inspired by this image in this months W and this illustration by Erlich.

Sarah's comments

Love this idea and the scale. I have only one serious concern: when you go that large with lauan, it will warp very quickly. It needs to be "cradled" - that is, made into a panel with supports on the back. Might be more expedient to get a large panel to start if you can find one locally. 40" is pricey to ship!

My reply:
Honestly, I have a ton of unsupported paintings on luan that size and bigger, I don't care about warping right now. It is already with no paint, it's the nature of wood and gravity. If I sell it I can deal with it then. I know how to easily build a frame, but it takes time and money I don't have. That aside, I like to keep my surfaces as cheap and easy as I can so they aren't "precious". It keeps me aggressive and daring.  Since it's acrylic I don't really have to worry about cracking anytime soon, so as far as I'm concerned, it's all good. Plus, adding support to panels takes up space don't have, too, and more likely to damage each other. If you are good, I'm good. I consider myself warned and aware. Painting this scale is nothing new to me. And I already bought the luan this morning.

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