Wednesday, February 23, 2011

project 2 proposal

Ok Sarah, I'd like to shift to the other side of the spectrum on this next project. I know I said I didn't want to work too large on these heads because I wasn't sure space wise if I could swing it, but I think I can. I want to do one large composition with 2 heads. When I say large I mean something like in the 36-48 range. I'm going to measure my car and see how big I can get and still bring it home. I'm going to work on luan and I'm going to use cut/torn paper from magazine and adhere them to the luan with clear gel and then use wet and dry media over the top to manipulate the tones. So, it will be the same process of finding all the papers. I'll need a hue for each skin town, a hue for each hair a hue for each clothing item and depending on the busyness 1 or 2 hues for the background. I think I'll choose the colors based on supply, because I know that seasonally what's available shifts. Fr example, red is so in right now, where 2 years ago it was really hard to find a lot of reds in high-end mags (which is what I have vogue and W). I will cover the board with paper entirely before going back in with pigment. I will be using only acrylic as far as wet media goes, but I will play with wiping. Also I got this iron oxide from my figure sculpture teacher in Jan. We used it as surface treatment on our clay pieces but she gave me the leftover and suggested I try it in paintings. She uses it in hers (she was a painter before she because the most amazing sculptor, Debra Frittz.

I'm working big in my painting DS but I'm exclusively using paint and at this point trying to keep the images totally abstract. But I'm itching to do these heads big and see if they translate. That way if not, I can just let that idea go and work smaller on my 3rd project. But even as I wrote that I wasn't going to work big in here it made me a little bit sad. I projected that I would maybe try to work the heads into the abstract painting but it doesn't really go in there and it seems natural to do so in here, now.

So is that ok?

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