Sunday, February 6, 2011

week 2

I decided to focus in on just the portraits. As I've been working it came to be obvious that these are in fact not tests. They are a collection, a project. They are important to each other but should also stand alone. I'm serious about them. I want them to be good and resolved.
I know I picked out all those palettes but I've decided they should all be variations on one palette to help the cohesiveness of the project. The palette is mainly yellows and browns with accents of greens, blues, and bright red.
I finished cutting all the patterns tonight and then I'll cut all those pieces out of the colored/printed papers/fabrics next week and then adhere them all and finish them the week they are due. (or maybe finish half next week and finish the other half the next week). Is that ok Sarah?

It's weird this process is actually super similar feeling to stained glass... I wouldn't have made that connection but it's an interesting sort of comfortable working place, lots of card stock and tracing.



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