Wednesday, April 27, 2011

week 12

First new one start. I really like how this is going so far. It's actually getting closer to some of what I was attempting in my mixed media 1-on-1 DS last semester, but on a larger scale.

Also I did several layers on the third in the Gucci series!

Sarah: You could stop right here and this would be enough. But I know you won't - and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next.

 Sarah:This is a great trio. The colors are surprising but absolutely coherent.

These are getting quite fantastic. As usual, adding them up really gets to the core of the thing. The new piece is great just as it is but I really want to see what happens next.
I love the colors. They are surprising and complex, and, while you would never expect these from a fashion spread, they feel like they belong to a fashion "story". They are dark, moody and oddly glam.

I'm learning that doing multiples is just where MY thing happens. It's never about a thing, it's about everything in relationship to everything else. The relationships are what is important to me: the thing to the whole, the thing to the other things, the elements within the thing.

I'm very affected by trend analysis. This week Ali, my fashion design instructor said I "have special talent at trending things" and again like Monk, I say it's a gift and a curse. It moves through me. I am aware of it but it is bigger than my consciousness. I'm a slave to it, but I'm not afraid of ruining it so I push it to a place that's not obvious, intentionally.

These (project 3) are Gucci. DEFINITELY GLAM! Glam is in.

On the new one, I had the same instinct to stop. It's made me nervous to start again. I think I need to just bust out some others so I can figure out what I want out of it more. I may need to use the brown bag more, a lot. I never get bags so I have to go looking for them. But use them intentionally, as a symbol of consumerism, but also a neutral flesh tone/cohesive texture/large plane of paper to illustrate with. Richard Carlyon comes to mind a little, though his bag is fully covered with paint, and stapled on.

He was the head of the VCU art department before he died. I feel him here I like felt the BMC in Asheville, and why I LOVE NYC! Art leaves residue in place.

Your thing is the thing.
On the other side of glamour, these make me think of Joan Brown:


ooooooooooooooooh I'm madly in love with this.!!!!!

I've never heard of her, In some of her work she's like an older school version of SF artist, Ursula O'Farrell, (whose work I saw when I was there and then googled and is represented by the same gallery as my favorite living artist Brian Rutenberg) But there are definitely Katz and Dine ties as well. Even Shahn and I wouldn't even hesitate to say maybe a deeper Rouault influence. Even a touch of Hopper though less related to the environment, His figures are a relatively small element of the whole, ours are portraits specifically centered on the subject "person", not the scene.

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