Saturday, April 16, 2011

10.3 final project ideas

I've been working on this giant project over the past few weeks. In the fall mice got into the the fabrics stash and pooped all over it, so i've been washing it a little at a time and folding it and purging MAJOR. Yay Freecycle. Most of my fabric was given to me anyway. So As i was folding up the most recent batch of yardage there was some fun 3d fabrics that i wondered what it might be like to partially paint over. So for the last project I will do at least one completely original fashion portrait using a bunch more media. I like the other project in its less media-ness. But I want to push it with the more. I'm going to do it on the same scale as the other small one (15.5"x 18") and continue making more of those along side this new more media and original "look". 

to begin I think I'll do some drawing along side choosing materials. I don't thing those steps can happen sequentially, it's more simultaneous in my process, or back and forth.

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