Monday, April 18, 2011


I haven't gotten a chance to work ask much as I wanted to this week, it was kind of hectic, but I do feel like this pink one is pretty much done. I did refine it quite a bit.  I may come back to after i do a few more, but i added the papers.

I obviously ditched the mouth on the darker one and I like it better but now it needs more. I may abandon the photos now and make it a little more interesting for myself, a little more playful. I really like the glasses in the other one so I may go to that as an element to help it out. The bottom half still has some compositional issues to get it "right"but it's too wet to do anymore tonight, oh and it's due in 20 minutes....

I got a piece of wood but I haven't cut it down yet for 6 more.

i like the composition, colors patterns more in the pink. I'm going to wait to drastically overhaul the composition on the dark one to see if maybe the other compositions help bridge the gap.

I'm actually having fun with these and was disappointed to not have as much time to work on them as I'd planned. But this week should be pretty normal, my boss is back from vacation!

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