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15.2 - Creating a submission packet/ moving forward/

One of the best parts about going to school online is that digital portfolio is always up to date. It's easy for my to build my website because I already have everything shot and sized. My DS Blogs are another added benefit because even after classes close I have access to sizes and media of images, if need be even, if I'm traveling or stored the paintings away.  I update my website after each semester as when I tried to do it as i went along I ended up painting on everything again so it was a waste of time. What I need to do is make some new cards that have my website on them. I hand printed a bunch back when the site was about my hand-sewn garments but they are all out in the world. My other card has my email and phone but not the site. I want to make them specifically for the site so the card has the same feel as the site. 

 I have three different versions of resumes for different endeavors, one for teaching, one for exhibiting, one with everything including retail jobs etc. 

 I've exhibited in several different venues but I have never applied for a show. I all the solo exhibiting I've done was either through a program or someone who owned the space wanted to me to hang my work there. Same with jobs, i hate applying for stuff (Sarah is so laughing right now because I'm about to start the application process from hell looking for a job teaching undergrad...) but i don't know, I've always just beleived that if I'm true to myself my work and I end up where we need to be. I have submitted and gotten into several juried shows but just a piece or two here and there. 

I'm definitely going to work on exhibiting at Gallery 5. First I'm going to work on getting the drink and draw show up there and go from there. The space is about community so I think that's more important right now. And I think that can lead to a solo or collaborative show with my own work in it, plus it gets a ton of traffic and I think being the organizer of something awesome will get me some interesting contacts. It's easier for me to make art relationships as the head of something bigger than me. Even though I'm one of the most self-righteous people I know, telling people how awesome I am/my work is has always felt like a misguided endeavor. I think in a way I'm afraid of being famous. I know that's a weird thing to say, but it's true. It's like I kind of want to keep myself a secret until I'm ready or something. Ready for what? I'm not sure. 

Ultimately, I would love to have an Ellingsworth Women exhibit at Arts Illiana. My mom is a member there and I think it would be super cool for my mom's pottery and wood sculpture (the pic in the link is from my mom's cousin's project of shooting all of his grandfather's spawn and in-laws wearing his (my great grandfather, Pop's) hat. This shot is my dad in front of my mom's sculpture called holy trinity) my paintings, and my sisters wearable art (that's her etsy store but she also made this cat hoodie that I'm wearing, she has gotten all her VIPs to wear this same get-up and strung together a huge Polaroid collage. yay silly collaborative art) all on display together.

My friend, Kim, just put out this call for artists. I think I'm going to do it, too, because my abstract work is about freedom and being adventurous and to me that's a very American concept even though it gets convoluted these days and used and an excuse to act like jerks...

A Call for Art
Made In America:
What Does It Mean To Be Patriotic?

The FolksArt wants you. Is there Liberty and Justice for All? Do we believe in the words on the Statute of Liberty? Is the Patriot Act patriotic? Tell us what you think through your art.

Artists are encouraged to submit work in ALL mediums, including but not limited to ReUse, Mixed-Media, Wearable Art, Poetry, Essays and other writings. Music, and live performance art is also encouraged, as several events will take place throughout the duration of the exhibit.

The Details Artists can enter up to 5 different pieces of art.
Please submit no more than one digital image to for each piece, unless the piece is 3D. For 3D art, up to 3 digital images can be submitted per piece.
Submit audio files in Mpeg format, and image files in JPEG format, at least 72 dpi, and at least 600 pixels but not greater than 1200 pixels in either direction. The file size cannot exceed 1 MB for any individual image.
Files MUST BE labeled as follows: LAST Name, FIRST Name and the # and title of the piece.
example: smith, jane #1 The Flag. smith, jane #2 The Statue.
Upon acceptance to the show, art must be delivered to The FolksArt no later than 5pm on Tuesday, June 28. Exhibit space might limit the size of artwork accepted. Show dates are from July 1, 2011 through September 23, 2011.
Artists are encouraged to have their artwork for sale, but it is not a requirement for acceptance into the show. A 70/30 commission will apply to all original art sold.

The Incentive Awards will be given. Selected works will be eligible for use on T-shirts, note cards, postcards, buttons, bumper stickers and other printmaking opportunities. Artists will receive artist credit and a 5% royalty on gross sales, plus free or reduced rate items featuring their art.
The Fine Print: All work must be eligible for publishing for brochures and marketing materials.
For more information contact Kim Joris at or via phone at 828-557-6954.
The FolksArt is located at 108 W. Hancock St., Milledgeville, GA.

Also the woman who took over for me at the school I taught at in Asheville is doing this online art thing about still life:
Assemble a still life arrangement, take a picture of it, and send it to

ALL entries will be posted on

Some guidelines:

•You do not have to be an Asheville resident to participate.

•Do not send more than 2 jpegs.

•Please make them a reasonable size so as not to blow up my email account.

•Please send contact info and/or website so I can include them with your entry. (You may remain anonymous if you wish.)

I will post anything and everything I receive before June 1st, 2011.

I haven't done it yet, but it's a cool concept I think.

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